Take advantage of buying your make-up off season! We stand behind our timeless colors, but aim to keep our inventory turning over. The lipcolors have a shelf life for 12 months after opening.

We are liquidating all Dermalogica products in stock. Enjoy these "once in a lifetime" steep discounts! All products are within manufacturers expiry dates.

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Buddah Triple Milled Blush Powder


A warm ginger brown with a pearlized finish.
$35.00 $31.50

Clove Triple Milled Blush Powder


A shimmer free, browned red shade.
$35.00 $31.50

Daydreams Triple Milled Blush Powder


A warm mauve shade with a pearlized finish.
$35.00 $31.50

Fair BB Face Cream

Size: 1.35 fl oz (40 mL)

Ideal for fair skintones. A daytime beauty balm that protects, hydrates, and covers.
$35.00 $31.50

Fast Track Triple Milled Blush Powder


A shimmer free, vivid fuschia shade.
$35.00 $31.50

Grape Nut Triple Milled Blush Powder


A cool vivid red grape shade with a pearlized finish.
$35.00 $31.50

Ladybug Triple Milled Blush Powder


A shimmer free, gingered auburn shade.
$35.00 $31.50

N3 Dry2Wet Powder Foundation


Ideal foundation for oily skin types, or setting powder for all skin types. For cool neutral skintones.
$46.00 $41.40

N95 Dry2Wet Powder Foundation

Ideal foundation for oily skin types, or setting powder for all skin types. Ideal for warm yellow skintones
$46.00 $41.40

Orgasmic Triple Milled Blush Powder


A peachy pink & gold shimmer.
$35.00 $31.50

Paparazzi Triple Milled Blush Powder


A light gold shimmer. Ideal for medium skintones.
$35.00 $31.50

Plum Princess Triple Milled Blush Powder


A shimmer free, auburn red shade.
$35.00 $31.50

Sunkissed Bronzer Compact


Triple milled powder that gives a subtle glow with a matte finish. Ideal for darker cool neutral skintones. Contains a touch of pink.
$48.00 $43.20

UltraSmoothing Eye Serum 15ml

Peptide and Vitamin packed eye serum for smoothing fine lines around the sensitive eye area. Fast absorbing, cooling and reduces puffiness. A great prep and base for beneath a heavier eye cream.
$75.00 $37.19

UltraCalming™ Cleanser 250 ml

Gentle cleansing gel/cream for reactive skin. This pH-balanced, non-foaming cleanser helps calm and cool reactive, sensitized skin from IPL and other such treatments.
$51.00 $35.00

Special Cleansing Gel 250 ml

Soap-free, foaming gel cleanser for oily skin. Contains naturally-foaming Quillaja Saponaria. Features calming Balm Mint and Lavender extracts to soothe the skin.
$51.00 $35.00

Barrier Repair 30ml

Moisturizer for sensitized skin with a damaged barrier. Oat and botanical actives that work below the surface to interrupt inflammatory triggers and minimize discomfort. Contains Oil of Evening Primrose, Borage Seed Oil and silicones as vitamins C and E.
$61.00 $28.00

UltraCalming™ Kit

Everything you need to travel. Cleanse, mist, moisturize and protect sensitive skin. Safe for skin after professional laser and peeling treatments.
$55.00 $30.00

Dermal Clay Cleanser 250 ml

Deep-cleansing clay formula purifies oily skin. Water-soluble Kaolin and Green clays combine with purifying extracts of Sambucus, Ivy and Lemon to remove excess oils and refine the skin's texture.l
$51.00 $28.99

Intensive Eye Repair 15ml (NEW-no box)

Eye cream for dehydration lines. Cucumber and Arnica, as vitamins C and E plus Grape Seed Extract shield the delicate eye area against damage.
$77.00 $38.99

Total Eye Care SPF15

Chemical Free SPF eye cream conceals dark circles. Skin-smoothing alpha hydroxy acids and plant extracts.
$69.00 $29.99

Antioxidant HydraMist 150ml

Refreshing antioxidant toner that helps firm and hydrate. Convenient mist-on formula supplements skin’s protective barrier by creating an active antioxidant shield to help fight free radical damage.
$58.00 $28.99

Skin Resurfacing Cleanser 150ml

Dual-action exfoliating cleanser helps retexturize aging skin. Achieve smooth, ultra-clean skin with this highly-active, two-in-one cleanser and exfoliant.
$58.00 $29.99

Super Rich Repair 50ml

Skin treatment cream for chronically dry, dehydrated skin. Powerful peptides and an acid-free smoothing complex support skin resilience and tone.
$115.50 $68.99

UltraCalming Serum Concentrate 40ml

UltraCalming™ Complex contains Oat and botanicals to ease sensitization, as peptides plus Oil of Evening Primrose, Sunflower Seed and Avocado extracts help defend against future damage.
$80.00 $25.00

C-12 Pure Bright Serum 50ml

Combats hyperpigmentation (brown spots, discoloration and uneven skin tone) day and night. Advanced formula absorbs quickly to optimize efficacy while helping to increase skin luminosity.
$130.50 $65.99

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque Mask

Gel moisturizing masque to remedy dry face and lips. Unique cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid traps moisture to deliver time-released hydration for lasting suppleness.
$58.00 $29.99

Super Sensitive Shield SPF30 50ml (expires 12/2019)

Broad spectrum SPF and hydrator formulated with the exclusive UltraCalming Complex of oat and botanical actives for sensitive skin types. Post laser treatment recommended.
$69.00 $40.00

Gentle Cream Exfoliant 75 ml

Lactic and Hydroxy Acid exfoliating masque for dramatic skin smoothing. Non-abrasive exfoliation treatment helps stimulate cell renewal as natural fruit enzymes detach dead skin cells to improve skin texture.
$58.00 $29.99

Extra Firming Booster 30 ml

Vitamin C, Seaweed and Protein Peptides help diminish signs of aging.
$69.00 $29.99

MultiVitamin Hand & Nail Cream 75ml

A non-greasy hand lotion featuring Licorice Extract, Vitamin C and Pro-Vitamin B5 to prevent age spots. Algae Extract hyodrates the skin. Ginkgo Biloba, Grape Seed and Vitamin E smoothes wrinkles.
$36.00 $25.00

Skin Soothing Hydrating Lotion 60ml (for acne skin types)

Hydrate acne prone skin without fear. Hyaluronic Acid hydrates without clogging pores. Ginger, Orange and Grapefruit soothe and protect the skin. May be used with any acne medication.
$31.50 $19.99

Clear Start Daytime Treatment (for acne prone skin)

Oil free moisturizer containing bacteria fighting ingredient, Niacinamide. Magnolia Bark, Licorice and Cucumber soothe and calm acne inflammation.
$35.50 $19.99

Skin Source Dermal Restoration Gel

For irritations associated with razor bumps, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Can be used after electrolysis, laser hair removal, shaving, sugaring or waxing.
$12.99 $9.99

Clearing Skin Wash 250ml

Foaming cleanser helps clear skin and reduce visible skin aging. Salicylic Acid, a Beta Hydroxy Acid to exfoliate. Menthol and Camphor help cool the skin. Balm Mint, Eucalyptus and Tea Tree prep skin for optimal absorption of active clearing treatment ingredients.
$51.00 $29.00

Daily Microfoliant®

Exfoliating powder for sensitive skin barriers. Rice-based powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes to polish skin to perfection.
$76.00 $39.99

Skin Hydrating Booster 30ml

Give your MOISTURIZING lotion or cream a BOOST with this water attracting serum. Hylauronic Acid, Panthenol, Glycolipids and Algae Extract restore dry/dehydrated skin. Excellent as a cuticle treatment as well.
$77.00 $39.99

Phyto Replenish Oil 30ml

This feather-light treatment oil strengthen, heals and protects. Wear it alone or layered under foundation for all-day dewy skin. Includes Orchid Flower and Chia Seed Oil smoothes visible lines and locks in critical moisture.
$103.00 $59.99

Emergency Fix (9 ml)

Dab this powerful concentrated gel directly onto individual breakouts: formula wipes out pimple-causing bacteria deep within the pore to clear your breakout fast.
$27.50 $19.99

Essential Cleansing Solution 250 ml

Non-foaming cream formula containing Safflower Oil. Gently lifts impurities while replenishing dry skin and maintaining moisture levels.
$51.00 $29.99

Patchouli Liquid Velvet Lipstick (20% OFF)


A rich, shimmering copper bronze for warm skintones. Intense color that stays on your lips and will not feather.
$28.00 $22.40

Venom Gloss Ware (20% OFF)


A long wearing gloss with a slightly tacky feel and super pigmented color. Contains Vitamin E to soothe and heal the lips.  Natural Vanilla Extract  for a great smell and sweet taste.
$25.00 $20.00

Biker Chic Gloss Ware (20 % OFF)


A long wearing gloss with a slightly tacky feel and super pigmented color. Contains Vitamin E to soothe and heal the lips.  Natural Vanilla Extract  for a great smell and sweet taste.
$25.00 $20.00

Bronze Ice Gloss Ware (20% OFF)


A long wearing gloss with a slightly tacky feel and super pigmented color. Contains Vitamin E to soothe and heal the lips.  Natural Vanilla Extract  for a great smell and sweet taste.
$25.00 $20.00

On-Top Gloss Ware (20% OFF)


A long wearing gloss with a slightly tacky feel and super pigmented color. Contains Vitamin E to soothe and heal the lips.  Natural Vanilla Extract  for a great smell and sweet taste.
$25.00 $20.00

Spaced Out Glossy Lipstick (20% OFF)


Deep smokey grape purple. Glossy finish with a soothing creamy texture.
$20.00 $16.00

Preachy Glossy Lipstick (20% OFF)


Merlot red shade. Hi-Gloss finish with a soothing creamy texture.
$20.00 $16.00

Night Moves Cream Lipstick (20% OFF)


Deep brown for a sophisticated look. Cream finish with a soothing light weight texture.
$20.00 $16.00

Breakout Control (this product is no longer available from manufacturer)

Absorbs rapidly so it is undetected. May be applied morning and night to prevent the bad bacteria and promote healing bacteria at the same time. Heals acne without over drying the skin and is non irritating to sensitive skin types. A must have for those periodic and stubborn breakout areas.
$63.00 $48.00