Our Fans

“My experience at LIZstetique was amazing! Elizabeth, the owner, told me about LIZstetique. I was really interested, so I consulted her because I was a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. In the past I had makeup that either didn’t match me or didn’t respect what I envisioned.  Usually, I don't wear a lot of makeup but I like and appreciate a beautiful and simple elegant makeup.  I was completely satisfied with Elizabeth work. She is talented, her passion and love for what she does is clearly reflected in her work. For example, she really listens to her clients’ expectations and adjusts to match that.  I also appreciated her gentle and honest advice about skin care. Good price and quality products. A nice, relaxing, and comfortable environment to get your makeup done! I sincerely recommend the LIZstetique experience!”

Dorca- Age 27

Montreal, Quebec


 “I've been waxing my facial hair for a good while now, always having a dark pilosity. The waxing products used at LIZstetique are by far the best I have received. Waxing is pain-free, the growth of the hair slowed down and the fragile face skin stays soft. The pre-post waxing counsels and tips I receive are effective and simple to apply. The skin care products that I need are available on location. They are affordable and of great quality.” 

Annie, Age 31

Montreal, Quebec


"I was referred to LIZstetique. Because of her location and her ability to communicate fluently in English. Which is important to me. LIZstetique offers a very professional and personalized service. Right from day one Elizabeth has taken a real interest in my needs. Her expertise in esthetics allows her to make you feel very comfortable and confident the job will get done right. She has taken the time to ensure that not only is the service completed to the best of her ability but that I myself take the right pre/post steps to get the most out of my service. My experience at LIZstetique was AMAZING. I leave knowing I've received a premium service due to the products Elizabeth uses to how knowledgeable she is. It is the only place I have ever been where I receive follow up phone calls and emails regarding how I am feeling with the results. Overall- I am so happy I found Elizabeth and look forward to getting the treatments I'm used to- and trying new ones as well! "

Alana, Age 31

Sainte Eustache, Quebec



“I didn't choose LIZstétique but am elated that my daughter made the choice for me, as she couldn't say enough about value of her time with Elizabeth.  As a new mom, expecting a second...my daughter viewed her time with Elizabeth as a needed stress release with results extending beyond her session. 

 I was impressed by Elizabeth's workplace/salon, by her extensive knowledge of skin health and maintenance, and by her ability to customize the facial and products to my specific needs.  She took into consideration my age, my physical health, my lifestyle, and the uniqueness of my skin before making decisions about the products she would use.  All products were of exceptional quality, all pure and botanical;  the sensations experienced during the session including sound (soothing music), botanical scents, and gentle touch/massage, made for a relaxing and invigorating experience.

Following the facial, Elizabeth provided me with wonderful products to use at home along with specific information about their use (frequency, quantity, purpose) and how to maintain healthy skin between visits. Finally, friends actually noticed a freshened appearance when I returned to Toronto 4 days later!

Although I do not have frequent facials, I would if I could be guaranteed the same high level of service here in Toronto.  Failing that, I will treat myself to treatments (I would like to participate in an info session re make-up application for an "aging" grandma (me!) when I return to visit my daughter.”

Barb, Age 65

Toronto, ON


“I went to Liz for a facial while on vacation in Quebec. She analyzed my skin thoroughly and listened to my concerns. Liz truly took the time to figure out what I needed and gave me a very relaxing facial. Even with extractions! This is the first time in my life I have had extractions that didn't make me cry or leave my skin irritated.  Her studio is also very comfortable and chic. I think I will need to go to Quebec on vacation more often!”

Sara, Age 31

Clarksburg, MD