5 Critical Post Summer Skin Tips

5 Critical Post Summer Skin Tips


5 Post Summer Skin Health Tips


1) Perform a Self Skin Exam - It is recommended to do a skin self exam once a month to avoid serious issues. You just need your eyes and a mirror. Self exam steps can be found on the American Cancer Society website.

2) Hydrate - water makes up a large part of the skin, but prolonged sun exposure causes a great deal of it to evaporate. Drink plenty of water and hydrate the skin with humectants and moisturizers. This will minimize skin peeling/flaking. Dehydration can be seen with all skin types, including Oily. 

        Signs of DEHYDRATION;

  • looks thin or flaky
  • feels tight and dry
  • skin absorbs products quickly

The MediOrganic System was designed to address skin damage related to sun damage, stress and hormones. Each step is designed to decrease inflammation and dehydration. 

3) Protect & Cover Up- Though the temperatures are decreasing, the UV is just as damaging. Apply a BB Cream daily. The colors have a yellow base which blend very naturally with a summer tan. Your skin will be protected, hydrated and covered without looking for feeling made up. You can apply a powder on top if you tend to get shiny.

 4) Antioxidants, Antioxidants, Antioxidants- Vitamin C applied topically will brighten the skin tone, promote collagen and repair damaged cells. Camu Camu and Amla are considered one of the strongest antioxidants in the WORLD. Camu Camu has 23 times more vitamin C than single orange. These powerhouse ingredients are in all 5 steps of the MediOrganic System.

Camu Camu and Amla can also be purchased in powder form and added to food and drinks!

5) Lighten Up- sun exposure causes brown hyperpigmentation and melasma on the skin. Use a pink (for light skintones) or organge (for olive to dark skintones) concealer to minimize the appearance. 


Still not sure which products you need? Have questions? Complete the Skin Quiz for a complimentary analyisis from Liz.


















































































































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